Skin Care

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Is the first and only FDA-approved topical treatment used to treat brown warty growths on the skin known as SKs (seborrheic keratoses). This treatment has shorter down time than liquid nitrogen and other treatments used for SKs in the past.

Microneedling / PRP

Microneedling with PRP (platelet rich plasma), also known as Collagen Induction Therapy, is ideal for the treatment of acne scars, surgical scars, stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, sun damage, and uneven skin texture. This therapy stimulates your cells to make collagen- the building blocks of the skin that give it strength and smoothness.

Skin Care

Our patented and scientific diagnostic skin typing software analyzes your skin and assigns it to one of 16 Baumann Skin Types®. The results are compared to photos made with a state-of-the-art photography system that compares your skin to others of your age around the country. A skincare regimen and treatment plan is customized for your needs to help correct any barriers to skin health that your skin type exhibits. The goal is to move your Baumann Skin type closer to the Ideal Skin Type so that your skin is healthier and will age more slowly. We track your progress each visit by examining your skin and looking at the changes in the photos at each visit.


Ultrasound technology delivers heat to shrink skin collagen to lift and tighten skin in many body areas such as the forehead, jawline, lower face, neck, and jowls. Ulthera will also improve wrinkles on the chest.

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